Chorleywood Common Playground

5 Favourite Playgrounds Near Berkhamsted

We’ve spent a lot of time in playgrounds near Berkhamsted over the last year. I was chatting with our 4 year old about which ones were the best, and discovered his favourites are largely determined by the proximity of an ice cream shop. 4 of the 5 below have good ice cream provision (anyone know of an ice cream shop at Chorleywood Common?). 

None of our favourites playgrounds are in Berkhamsted itself, I think we’ve been to the local parks too many times to find them exciting anymore. We still visit the local parks, but when we’re planning a fun trip out we’ll choose one of the playgrounds below.

5 Favourite Playgrounds Near Berkhamsted

Whipsnade Zoo

Whether it’s for an all day adventure or a shorter after school trip, we’re regulars at Whipsnade Zoo. My boys are loving the new park, and it’s quickly become one of our favourite playgrounds. It’s well designed, with plenty to do for all ages. The activities are well graded so there are plenty of opportunities for kids to challenge themselves. The design of the playground naturally spreads people about, and there aren’t many congested areas. The toddler section is better than any other park we’ve been too. 

Chorleywood Common

The wooden play areas on Chorleywood Common blend perfectly into the surrounding trees. They are great for climbing and balancing, but not so enticing that the kids aren’t happy to leave to explore the rest of the Common. There are several play areas are located around the common, and there are also wooden carvings and other features to look out for as you go round the Common. 

Verulamium Park, St Albans

Another favourite of ours. It’s newly refurbished, and there is lots for all ages. As well the playpark, there is a small splash park nearby, and Verulamium Park to explore. We’re also big fans of the Waffle House, conveniently located a short walk from the park – yummy! 

Leavesdon Country Park

There is plenty of free parking next to the main adventure playground, as well as a coffee and ice cream shop. The main park is great, and then you can follow the sculpture trail which takes you around across the road and around the park. There’s lots more for children to enjoy on the walk, including a wooden airplane and a wall of revolving mirrors. 

Gadebridge Park

This is a year round favourite playground for us. The splash park, the skate park and the playground are all within a few metres of each other. Each one is great and we’re regular visitors to all 3. This is another big playpark, with a wide range of equipment and plenty of space to explore. 

Do you have a favourite park? I’d love to know, we’re always looking for new places to explore.