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Flower Field Day Trips From Berkhamsted

Following the success of my post detailing some of my favourite places to find flower fields near Berkhamsted, this post lists of some of my favourite flower field day trips from Berkhamsted. These places that between 1 and 2 ½ hours drive from Berkhamsted, so further away but still doable as a day trip. 

Flower field day trips from Berkhamsted

Confetti fields – Pershore (Worcestershire) or Bishop Stortford (Hertfordshire)

An highlight of my year, I love visiting the Real Flower Petal Confetti Fields, located on the outskirts of Worcester. The confetti fields are a massive field full of the plants that they use to make actual confetti, arranged into beautiful rainbow stripes with paths between them. The fields open to to visitors for about 10 days each summer, the exact dates vary each year with the dates announced in the spring. In previous years sunflowers have been grown alongside the confetti flowers, and there are a small number vintage tractors on site as well, together with a pop up cafe.

I’ve also seen another confetti field a bit closer to home, at Hatters Farm in Bishop Stortford. I’m hoping to visit in 2024 to find out a bit more, as the Pershore is quite a long way to go for a day trip!

Crocuses at Kew

Kew Gardens are beautiful whatever time of year you visit, and there is also a brilliant playground for kids. Crocuses are one of the first flowers to bloom each spring, and the display of them at Kew Gardens is particularly stunning. The large carpet of crocus’s makes a lovely setting for some photos.  

Tulips in Norfolk

A few years ago now, I spent a spring living in the Netherlands. One of the highlights of my trip were the stunning tulip fields found there. The Tulip Fields in Norfolk are a 2 hour drive from Berkhamsted. This is the furthest of all the flower field day trips from Berkhamsted I’ve listed here. It’s a lot closer than going to the Netherlands however! The tulip fields open for a week each year, normally at the end of April. 

Wisteria – Grey’s Court (Oxfordshire) or Hampstead Heath (London)

Wisteria is a funny one, it looks so pretty but I’m not sure I like the smell! There are a couple of places we’ve been to see wisteria plants, I think my favourite is Grey’s Court. This is a National Trust property just under an hour’s drive from Berkhamsted. The wisteria is so impressive, winding around walls and courtyards, and the garden it’s located in is equally stunning.

Another location that is has stunning wisteria is the Pergola at Hampstead Heath. The Pergola is tucked away at the west side of the Heath, and is reported to have been built using the leftover materials from the nearby building of the Hampstead extension of the Northern line to cut transport costs. The Pergola is well worth a visit, especially in early May when the Wisteria flowers. 


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