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Places to Swim with Babies near Berkhamsted

Are you looking for places to swim with babies near Berkhamsted? Or somewhere to take your toddler for a swim? Read on for our findings on the best and the worst pools we’ve found locally. We’re always looking to add more swimming pools, so if you know of one you think we should add let us know.

Places to Swim with Babies near Berkhamsted


Everyone Active Berkhamsted

The Everyone Active swimming pool in Berkhamsted is our local public swimming pool. This is a shame, as it’s definitely seen better days. Rumour has it that a refurbishment / replacement sports centre is on the cards, but for now location is pretty much the only thing this pool has going for it. Admittedly we’re not regular visitors (there are much better pools around!) but on our last visit there was a single baby changing table, and steps into the water that are almost impossible for a parent holding a baby to navigate safely. There’s no separate baby pool.

Everyone Active Hemel Hempstead

In contrast to the Berkhamsted equivalent, the public pool in Hemel Hempstead makes a pleasant surprise. Particularly since they appear to have found the heating controls and the baby pool is now lovely and warm. There are plenty of changing rooms, and about 10 or so have these have a baby changing table, with more having a toddler seat in them. The baby pool has a shallow sloping entrance, with shallow steps suitable for crawling babies. The deeper end of the pool has a built in seat, which works well for parents. It also doubles as an area for children to jump into the deeper water from. Parking is controlled, and you do need to remember to enter your registration plate into the machines in the reception area.

Everyone Active Aylesbury (Aquavale)

Just up the A41 in Aylesbury, you find Aquavale. This has a bigger variety of facilities than the swimming pools above, with a variety of slides and a lazy river.There is also a shallow play area suitable for toddlers. Water temperature varies, both between the different areas of the pool and between visits. Some days the cold water temperature has meant we’ve cut our swim short. A great option for somewhere a bit different.

Everyone Active St Albans (Westminster Lodge)

One of our favourite places to swim with babies near Berkhamsted. There is a small baby pool, as well as a pool for more confident children. The water has been lovely and warm every time we’ve visited. The swimming pool does get busy though. It is worth booking online before you go as the baby pool frequently gets full. There is a soft play area if your toddlers still have energy after swimming, as well a a cafe.

Wendover Swimming Pool

Wendover swimming pool is a little different to all the pools we’ve mentioned so far, in that it’s run by a charity and located on the site of a school. There’s one 25m pool, and every time we’ve been there have been floats and other toys to play with. The changing rooms were updated last year so are nice and modern. Both the water and the changing rooms can be very warm. Because the pool is run by volunteers and used for other things, it is only open for a limited number of hours. The main ones of interested are 2 hours on a Saturday and 2 hours on a Sunday. It also opens for an hour on a Friday afternoon, but parking can be tricky at this time. There are extra sessions during the school holidays. Beware there are a maximum number of swimmers, and you are warned that numbers in the pool will be limited (this hasn’t happened while we’ve been there). At £4 for an adult and under 4’s free the swimming here is great value.


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